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Tue, Sep. 2nd, 2008, 05:43 pm
Google Chrome

I'm having a whole bunch of fun trying out Google Chrome. When this comes to GNU/Linux, it's going to offset Firefox until it can play catch-up. Here are the top five features that are going to hang on to me:

Task Manager

Default Task Manager View

Extra Nerd Info

Inspect Element

Comes with DOM Inspector integrated through right-clicking on an element on a page. This is a tolerable trade-off from View Selection Source.

Download Toolbar

Integration of my favorite firefox add-on.

Download Toolbar

Gears/Prism style integration

Gears comes with it. The second I logged on to rememberthemilk it started asking for verification. With a few clicks, I now have a link on my desktop to load rtm in offline mode.

Places style front page

There is a firefox development that does this, but, looks like Chrome beat them to it.

Chrome Default Home Page

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